Tips on finding the best scrap parts.

Tips on finding the best scrap parts and how Griffin Auto Sales and Salvage LLC can help.


If you are looking for cheap replacement parts for your vehicle, a salvage yard can be a good option. A salvage yard is a treasure trove of used parts, but finding the right part for your vehicle can be overwhelming.

In this blog post we share some tips on how to find the best junk parts and how Griffin Auto Sales And Salvage LLC can help you.

Find Out What You Need: Before you head to the salvage yard, make sure you know what part you need. Look up the part number or bring an old part for reference. This saves you from wasting time looking for the wrong part.
Inspection condition: Inspect the part carefully for signs of wear or damage. Check for rust, cracks or other imperfections. Don’t be afraid to ask the salvage yard workers for help if you are unsure of the condition of a part.
Look for newer vehicles: Newer vehicles are more likely to receive parts in better condition. Look for vehicles of the same make and model as your car and check the year to ensure the part is compatible.
Ask about warranties: Ask shipyard associates about warranties or return policies. Some salvage yards may offer limited warranties on some parts.
At Griffin Auto Sales And Salvage LLC we can help you find the best parts at the yard. We carry a large stock of quality parts for all makes and models and our experienced staff will help you find the part you need quickly and easily.
We pride ourselves on offering our customers exceptional service and quality parts at affordable prices.
We stand behind all of our parts and offer warranties on specific items.
We also offer transportation and delivery services across the country so we can get the parts you need quickly and efficiently no matter where you are.
Don’t let a broken part slow you down. Visit Griffin Auto Sales And Salvage LLC today and let us help you find the right parts for your vehicle.
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